Sunday, September 29, 2013


Okay, since I reduced my hours in the bike shop, that left us a little short handed.  Especially since the shop consists of the owner, and only 2 employees.  The owner is typically building bicycle frames so he doesn't do much in the bike shop, which leaves one person to run the show.  Answering phone calls, walk-ins, bike sales, and service; sometimes it can be a little much for a single person.   Obviously we needed more help, and found someone to work 4-5 days.  I figure that means it's time for me to move on.....  I really liked working at that shop, working with Ed and Drew was fun, but all good things must come to an end.  Ed and I worked really well together, and had a lot of fun.  Really great regular customers also.  I am really going to miss it.

Made a couple phone calls, spoke to some people, and BOOM before we know it, in about 2 weeks we are moving!!!  Holy Crapoly that was fast and sudden.  My good friend Dan has a custom carpentry business, he is happy to let me work for him, and in an odd coincidence, the home we used to live in in Bucks County will be available for us to move into at the end of November.  Weird!!!  We found some temporary housing to stay in until the current tenant moves out and we move in.  Super cool, I will have a place for my workshop again.  Lathe, mill, brazing/welding, fabricating stuff, I'll be able to do it all again.  YAY!   450 acres, barn, ponds, fishing, wood splitting, peace and solitude, and a great place for a 3 year old to run around and have fun.  Oh yeah, and most importantly, a public school system that isn't a total fucking joke.  This is gonna be cool.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Moving On...

Well my lovely wife got a new job.  Since the physical therapy world pays quite a bit better than being a lowly bicycle mechanic I have reduced my time in the bike shop to 3 days a week. The rest of the time I stay home with my 3 year old daughter, which is pretty cool.

Now I leave you with fork seals and busted BB's.