Sunday, February 10, 2013

"The Big Storm"

Most of the Northeast was dumped with a lot of snow.  All we got was a lot of cold cold rain, and a little snow.  The pavement turned into a sheet of ice.  My wife came back from her normal dog-walking routine in the AM and strongly suggested I mount the studded tires for the ride into work.  

It was a really good idea considering the first leg of my commute was a 4 mile sheet of ice.  I had a couple close calls but managed to keep it upright.

The second leg of my commute is a dirt road (a park road closed to traffic).  That held the snow and didn't get icy. The heavy lugging of the studded tires was a lot better in the snow than my usual tires.  The picture below is from the ride home, after all the snow got packed down from park users.  It was much easier going than the ride into work.

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