Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pushing through Puddles

So here is a brief video of me right after I dumped it in a puddle.  Luckily the airbox stayed out of the water and she started right back up so we could push it out.
THESE PUDDLES!!! Crossing every one is a risk, you just don't know whats in there.  This particular one there was a big rut that caught my tire and sent me sideways.
People that live and ride in the Pineys all the time say to try to go around the puddles if possibly.  Supposedly you may come across some thing that should REALLY not be in there, like for instance an automotive jack or jack stand, from a Jeep guy that was stuck and tried using a jack and left it there, or a big log right in the middle.
These dang puddles!  They are weird, sometimes the small ones get really deep really fast, there were a few that were deeper than my wheels.

Untitled from rudram das on Vimeo.

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