Sunday, September 25, 2011

Parts Come Off

mud and dirt is everywhere.  if you dont do this now and again bolts will seize up.  actually one already was, and the riv-nut was spinning in the subframe.

things didnt feel right on the way home last weekend, and im pretty sure i discovered why:

cracked spark plug. dont really know how this happened, the guys at hermy's BMW have seen it happen, but  infrequently.  the plugs (2 plugs for one cylinder, awesome!) are only about 2000 miles old.  this is the secondary plug, so the bike ran rough. i wonder how it would have run if the primary failed?


Brendan Ault said...

I was reading some "back issues" of your blog today and think i have a theory on why your plug cracked:
It was hot, really hot when it got dumped in the water in the video below. The ceramic didn't like the sudden cool off and it cracked!
Just a theory. Great blog.

DJN said...

Hey Brendan, you are right, but it didn't crack when i dumped it in the puddle bc we kept riding for quite some time. I'm fairly certain it was one of the last couple water crossings that were very long and really deep. like over the front wheel deep! there are a lot of pretty frightening puddles in the pine barrens. thanks for reading!