Friday, September 16, 2011

Back in Action

IMG_7032, originally uploaded by rackntroll.

This bandsaw crapped out on me a few months ago.
The gearbox got some swarf in it and it the shaft became heavily scored. That made a very sloppy fit between the bronze bearing and the shaft, allowed enough play in the driving pulley that moves the sawblade that the blade would walk right off the wheel. I turned a new bearing on the lathe that was a little longer which contacted some non-scored shaft.
And it works!
Mmmmm delicious sweet sweet success.
Lemme say how wonderful it is to have it back. Just flip the switch and let it nibble on through whatever huge solid chunk of metal you need cut.
I got pretty good at hacksawing through ridiculously large pieces of metal though!


alex wetmore said...

Great that you got it fixed. My small 4x6 Delta bandsaw is probably the best and most used $60 that I ever spent in my shop.

Daus said...

There are a number of mods for the 4x6 bandsaws:

However, I found it easier to just get the 7x12 off of craigslist for less than the cost of a 4x6 with modifications. The coolant, hydraulic feed and a lennox 6 tpi blade makes a big difference.

D n L said...

Thank you, that is an excellent horiz bandsaw resource.
I'll add that to my link list in the sidebar.
For a long time I have been planning on doing a couple of those mods, namely the ones for holding short and odd stock. I really like the idea for mounting a small drill press vise to the aluminum plate. I was just planning on mounting a jack screw (except i was just gonna use a 3/8-16 bolt) but I like the vise idea a lot.

Thanks again,
If you have any other good ideas be sure to post commments or contact me!