Monday, August 22, 2011

Twas a success, but is it worth it?

So the lil lug brazed up fine.  Soaked it, cleaned it up.
The shorelines came out wonderful.
Time for the autopsy.
Brass mostly everywhere, verr nice.
Wow, it filled in the miter gaps even.  I like that!

A bit of incomplete miter below, but since this was a quick n dirty experiment I didnt pay too much mind to the quality of my copes.  That being said I have dissected production lugged bicycle frames that are much much much more terribly mitered, like the tubes barely even touch.  And how many thousands of miles did those frames last and never broke?
I probably could have even gotten that gap completely filled if I added just a little more heat and filler to that crotch.

So....It works, I'm very happy with the result.  But how laborious and complex do I want a rack to be? he he he...Buh-bye- I need to go make some lugs.


HelluvaStella said...

Not only beautiful work, but very sound evaluation of the design and execution.

alex wetmore said...

Cool stuff Daniel! I agree that your miter wasn't that great, but I don't think it would matter at all in this application.

I've never had much interest in gas welding, but this makes me think that I should give it a go. I wonder if Chemtane gets hot enough.

D n L said...

Luke- thanks.

Alex- from what I recall I have read that MAPP/chemtane will work for gas welding. I think they used chemtane (or some variation of juiced up propane) a lot in WWII when acetylene was in short supply. From talking to Wade B. I have learned that propane won't work for welding.

Of course you know this but you could achieve the same effect by brass brazing the lug together and silver brazing the tubes in place.