Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sh*t Happens

A very small simple error in the early stages of building this rack snowballed into a quandary of whether to be fixed or scrapped.
This inaccuracy makes for a very peculiar error.  As I am building a rack, many of the locations for legs, rails, back stops, etc, are marked from the centerline of the rack.  But one of the platform rails is offset about 5mm, which causes one side of the rack to stick out about 5mm more than the other side when measured from the main support legs.  SO nearly everything on the rack is properly located and symmetric from the centerline, but then error shows its ugly face here and there if you start taking measurements with a ruler from the sides of the rack.  Since the rack is about 97.524% done I am desperately trying to think of the best way to cut apart put in an internal sleeve and either lengthen or shorten something or other to make things right.

If that doesn't do it for me I guess I'll just redo the whole dang thing.


Monumental mistake.

I hereby promise to forever check and re-check then check again before sparking that torch.

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reverend dick said...

As my good friend, Mysterious Bill S______ has been known to say:

"'s how you learn."

Then he picks himself up and tries again. Or not, if that's appropriate.