Sunday, August 21, 2011

Little Lugs and a Matching Lug Vise

Felt like trying something new for my next rack in the works.
Time to make some lugs, real actual lugs.  Not just an external sleeve carved to look pretty like I've done in the past.

This one is just for practice.

So lets start!
Weld together 2 pieces of 1/2 x .058 cro-mo.

Then hit it with a wire wheel to knock off the scale and shine it up.

Then start to smooth out the weld. I also ran a 3/8 drill through to open up the lug to allow the mitered tubes to pass all the way through and meet.

Now that I have the lug nearly done, I need a better way to hold it.  Scratch head, think for a minute... time for a lug vise.

Now lets start vising some lugs!
Holds it good and tight, alright! Even holds tight enough for drilling!
Since this is just a practice lug I didn't want to go crazy filing pretty points.
Ready for some heat and bronze.

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