Friday, August 12, 2011

Check out this rack...

I think I finally did it....A rack that is supremely adjustable for nearly any brake setup- calipers, canti's, or V's, and is adaptable to most forks.  I could even make an additional bracket to make it mount to cantilever posts instead of the fork crown.

Lots of little pieces had to be made.
The fork crown mount has M5 braze-ons in the ends.
The straps bolt to that so the angle can be varied to account for forks of different length.  A stainless spacer fits into the strap to keep everything lined up real pretty like.
If added another strip to the front it would be very easy to add wooden slats.  But I didn't bc I am running quite low on materials so I must conserve a lil bit.
The whole rack was internally vented into the rear cross-member then I plugged the ends to seal it off.

So I think that after 4 years of rack building I have found a basic design that I will stick with.


HelluvaStella said...

The sophistication of that design is mind bottling (Ricky Bobby reference humor). Seriously, that's pretty amazing.

D n L said...

ricky bobby was on tv last weekend, and i watched it. but wasnt "mind bottling" from blades of glory?

anywhoo, thanks for the compliment. it means a lot coming for your engineering robot brain.