Monday, July 18, 2011

Playing in South Jersey Sand

Took a day trip to Hammonton, NJ for a free clinic and trail ride sponsored by RawHyde Adventures and BMW of Manhattan.  We started out in the morning going over a couple basic skills then doing drills.  Even with offroad experience it was really helpful having the 2 coaches from RawHyde to watch you and give you tips and pointers and answer questions to help hone your offroad riding ability.

AM goodbye from Laura

Last minute equipment inspection by the cat

Sixty miles later at the HoJo in Hammonton, NJ.

Doing some drills, very low speed turns around cones, getting pointers from the coaches.

All lined up

After the morning instruction was over, we had a good lunch of hoagie platters.  I LOVE hoagies, for real.  After the delicious hoagies (I love hoagies) we moved onto the trail ride.  South Jersey, even well inland from the coast is sandy, very sandy.   Very steep learning curve.  I've ridden through brief sections of sand before, but not long continuous trails of sand, in some places very deep sand.  The coaches gave a few very brief tips on navigating the deep sand.  Stay ON the gas, bc when you get off the gas the front wheel buries.  Shift your weight back a little, and of course stay standing and let the front wheel do what it wants.

The owner of this motorcycle was leading the trail ride, a local.  The more dirt oriented version of my bike.

This guy was helping out also, KTM 690 Enduro R.  Very cool.

Regrouping.  About half of the people left at this point.

We were doing what is called a "Michigan Shuffle." The ride leader and sweeper stay the same throughout the ride, and the second person in line waits at a turn until the sweeper comes through.  That way each person ends up at some point standing in the baking sun in full gear waiting for the group to come though so no one misses the turn.  Good opportunity to snap some photos.

Dan, former professional racer blasting through a turn on his BMW G450X.

One of the coaches had this prototype winch mounted on his BMW1200GS.  Pretty cool idea.

The day was very fun, and I am no longer hesitant about riding in sand!


HelluvaStella said...

Very jealous Dan! This looks like an incredible opportunity to learn riding skills from folks who know what they're talking about. You've definitely gotten into the adventure moto thing with both feet.

D n L said...

yes, they really helped improve skills with very simple pointers, things that you wouldnt really know you could improve on unless someone points it out.

there was a guy on a v-strom 650 there that was ripping it! when are you gonna get those TKC80's mounted?? :-)