Saturday, July 16, 2011

New BICYCLE project!!!! WTF!?

HEY WOW its been a while since I fabricated anything bicycle related.

Don't judge me, I'll admit that I've headed to the dark side.... throttle twisters.. I know I know....

Anyhow now that Cate is old enough Laura and I plan to do more family bike riding to get back into it, slowly most likely.  We have both been out of cycling for a while (except for watching the tour of course) but riding together the other day was very pleasant, even though it was probably only like a mile.

AnyHOO, here's a little taste of the new project...theres A LOT more going on behind the scenes.  :-)

Handcut dropouts, 
stepped washers turned from stainless, 
and an oddball dummy axle spaced at 84mm.

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