Monday, July 25, 2011

more up for grabs

EDIT:  This rack is spoken for.  sowwy.  
But, I may list more stuff over the coming weeks.

Have another rack available.  I'm trying to liquidate some things I just don't need that are collecting dust.

Fork crown strap is drilled for a cross-check, but can be re-drilled/re-bent, or replaced altogether with whatever you can cobble up to fit most bikes.

I think it a great size for a front rack.  Not quite a tiny rando style rack, wide enough that you can load it with a case of beer.  Courier bags fit very well.  Sits almost directly over the front axle so the load doesn't make the handling all that wonky.

It has dual upper fender mounts, so you can mount the fender directly to the rack, as seen below.

I used it for a while for commuting to work.

Then Laura used it.

Now YOU can use it!
Hit me up via the contact link in the sidebar.


Jerome said...

totally interested. how much do you want for it? willing to let it play up in Canada for a bit? Cheers.

D n L said...

contact me via the "CONTACT ME" link in the sidebar please