Sunday, June 26, 2011

Seven Mountains Dual Sport Ride

Left early Saturday AM to meet up with a few like minded riders also headed to the Seven Mountains Dual Sport ride.

Only 30 miles from home I get a rear flat.  Not a good way to start the day.

Break the bead, pry off one side of the tire. Reinstall new tube.

Ready to install back onto the bike.

Made it to the diner in time, with 15 minutes to spare!  I planned to show up early enough to grab some breakfast with the guys, but I was just glad to get there before they left.

Taking back roads, dirt twisties, and stripping roads through coal country.

Blasting around on the stripping roads was too much for my panniers. They flew off 2 times before I lashed them on.  For dirt roads they would have been fine, but I was not expecting the kind of terrain we were on.  Luckily I brought ample extra tie downs for just this sort of thing.

After a long day of fun gnarly back road adventuring we made it to the campground.  Ready to embark on the event the next morning.

Just into the ride Ron gets a double flat!!!

I took the opportunity to photograph some blooming Mountain Laurels.  The state flower of Pennsylvania.  There were everywhere.

Got the rear tire repaired, working on the front.

Lunch is served!  

Scenic Vista

Yep, thats my shift lever.  Luckily I was only a mile from the end and could putt along in first gear.  I went down a few miles earlier on some rutted muddy slick puddles and bent it skyward.  I had to remove it and reposition it on the splines to get it into a usable position.  It was still sticking out enough that I clipped it on a rock, and ka-blammo!  No more shifter.  I have no idea where the middle section of the shifter went.

If you can believe it, there was another rider there on a BMW x-challenge, who had a spare shifter he loaned me.  Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you, Chris.  You are the best!

Got the shifter installed, quick snack before the ride home.

Alright, ready to go!

Taking a coffee break at a highway rest stop before the final push home.  I 'slabbed' it the whole way.

All in all the ride was amazing, and the trails were terrific.  Our little group were definitely the oddballs, considering every other rider trucked or trailered their 500cc or less [plated] dirt bike.   A few glitches but it all worked out.  It was fun pulling people outta the mud, picking up dropped GS1200s (which happened quite a bit), and performing road and trail side repairs.  I hope to do it again next year.

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