Thursday, June 30, 2011

Not Outta the Woods Yet

Since there was always someone riding in front of me, there was a lot of dust.
Probably a good idea to clean out the air filter.

You can see the hole for the air intake is about as high as it can get.  
Good design, will help to prevent "swamping" the bike, and will allow very deep water crossings.

Air filter exposed.  Its pretty dirty.  K&N filters are cleanable.  
Remove it, squirt some cleaner on it, hose it off, and re-oil it

Monday, June 27, 2011

The Day After

Cleaning/Inspection time.


Why did I bother painting it?  Anywhere anything contacted it the paint came off.
Time for a powdercoat.

All cleaned up.

Except for inside my turn signals!!!

My skid plate took a pounding.  
The drain plug is not supposed to hang below, nor are there supposed to be huge dents!
The only reason it is not dented in the middle is bc that is where an oil line exits the bottom of the motor, and I'm pretty sure the plate is pressed up against it right now.  Could have been bad, very bad.

Maybe next time I do a ride like this I'll slow down a little.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Seven Mountains Dual Sport Ride

Left early Saturday AM to meet up with a few like minded riders also headed to the Seven Mountains Dual Sport ride.

Only 30 miles from home I get a rear flat.  Not a good way to start the day.

Break the bead, pry off one side of the tire. Reinstall new tube.

Ready to install back onto the bike.

Made it to the diner in time, with 15 minutes to spare!  I planned to show up early enough to grab some breakfast with the guys, but I was just glad to get there before they left.

Taking back roads, dirt twisties, and stripping roads through coal country.

Blasting around on the stripping roads was too much for my panniers. They flew off 2 times before I lashed them on.  For dirt roads they would have been fine, but I was not expecting the kind of terrain we were on.  Luckily I brought ample extra tie downs for just this sort of thing.

After a long day of fun gnarly back road adventuring we made it to the campground.  Ready to embark on the event the next morning.

Just into the ride Ron gets a double flat!!!

I took the opportunity to photograph some blooming Mountain Laurels.  The state flower of Pennsylvania.  There were everywhere.

Got the rear tire repaired, working on the front.

Lunch is served!  

Scenic Vista

Yep, thats my shift lever.  Luckily I was only a mile from the end and could putt along in first gear.  I went down a few miles earlier on some rutted muddy slick puddles and bent it skyward.  I had to remove it and reposition it on the splines to get it into a usable position.  It was still sticking out enough that I clipped it on a rock, and ka-blammo!  No more shifter.  I have no idea where the middle section of the shifter went.

If you can believe it, there was another rider there on a BMW x-challenge, who had a spare shifter he loaned me.  Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you, Chris.  You are the best!

Got the shifter installed, quick snack before the ride home.

Alright, ready to go!

Taking a coffee break at a highway rest stop before the final push home.  I 'slabbed' it the whole way.

All in all the ride was amazing, and the trails were terrific.  Our little group were definitely the oddballs, considering every other rider trucked or trailered their 500cc or less [plated] dirt bike.   A few glitches but it all worked out.  It was fun pulling people outta the mud, picking up dropped GS1200s (which happened quite a bit), and performing road and trail side repairs.  I hope to do it again next year.

Friday, June 24, 2011

"Look at Me" White

, originally uploaded by rackntroll.
ohhhh yah...

racks done, knobby tires mounted, ortlieb panniers modified, tank bag acquired, drysack borrowed, camping equipment getting organized....

almost ready.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rack Alert

The Rack is completely done.  Just need to slap some paint on it.

The cross brace has 2 bicycle hourglass rack mounts to affix the rear fender to.

Some extra loading points on top of the side racks.

Drilled out the shift lever.  It is so strong that it has been reported it will break off the shift shaft where it exits the transmission.  Hopefully the holes will allow it to bend rather than break the shaft.  Maybe I'll add a couple more holes!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Left side rack and a tiny hand

IMG_6660, originally uploaded by rackntroll.

The left side is done. Currently working on the right side. Should be much for straight forward. After the right side is done then all thats left is the cross-brace, doing a braze on or 4, then slapping a quick and dirty paint job on.

Any color suggestions? Black is so bor-ing. I'm thinking white maybe? Or a different color for each piece, hehe....

Thursday, June 16, 2011

teaser pic

some things i build

some things i buy

like this Scheffelmeier Skidplate...very well built, just look at those welds!

Monday, June 13, 2011

A Rack to Carry my Sardines

Finished the top rack, went very smoothly after making the addition to the fixture.  
Now onto the side racks, and maybe more fixture making (which takes longer than building the racks)!
Then I'll be ready for a camping excursion into central PA at the end of June.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fixture Addition

Shortly after starting to bend, miter, and fit up tubes I found a shortcoming of the fixture.  Keeping the left and right sides of the rack aligned and parallel would not be easy to do by eye.  I added an extension to the rear that should make building the rest of it smoother.

Below is the start of the rack, before I added to the fixture.

Here is the addition to it.  Getting the rest of the rack built should be pretty straight forward.  Hopefully.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New Fixture

Fixture is done...sort of.  It is completed enough to build a top rack.  When the top rack is done I'll have to make some additions to it to allow me to build the side racks.  
I had to do pages and pages of trigonometry to get everything positioned where it should be, all because the rear mounts on the motorcycle are at an 11 degree angle.  That made it tough, especially because getting measurements off the subframe of the bike was not very easy.  There were definitely a few head scratching moments.

Soon I should have some pictures up of the fixture in full blown fixturing action.  Oh goody.  Stay tuned.