Monday, May 9, 2011

water crossings, rocky trails, and pouring rain

Yes that title about covers my mini adventure from Saturday.

Waiting in the AM to meetup with Rudy.

Headed down to Bucks County to meet Ron.

Quick tour of some of the fun dirt roads in Bucks, including this road with 2 water crossings.  Thanks to Rudy he filmed Ron and I crossing.

Now head up north of Allentown for some powerline trails.

This low section of the trail had a lot of water runoff.  It was basically a stream at the bottom!  We stopped briefly here to help get Ron's monstrous 1200GS back onto the trail.

Shot from the top.  Some sections of this trail were basically all rock.  I took a risk riding it on slicks and without a proper skid plate.  As Ron told me these kind of rocks can brake open you engine case.  Not something i want to happen 100+ miles from home.

Stopped at a gas station to add pressure to the tires.  I let them out to about 25psi for the trails, from the normal 31/33 for the street.  It made a world of difference offroad.

This is Rudy's bike.  It may look like a dirt bike, but he motor is 610cc and is very light.  This thing can get up and go!

Then for the ride home the rain started...pouring rain.  Good thing I packed my heavier gloves.  I forgot to clock the distance, but I think it was somewhere about around 250 to 300 miles judging by how much gas i had to put in.   Lots of fun.

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