Sunday, May 15, 2011

moto rack project continues

turn a few more fittings

bore out some 3/16" plate

drill a hole


the above fittings will bolt to the motorcycle subframe where the pillion handles are, and the rack(s) will bolt to them.  these ones are for the right side.  the left side needs to be a bit different to fit around the exhaust.
almost time to start brazing bending and brazing


alex wetmore said...

I find it curious that you do this with the 4-jaw on the lathe instead of using your milling head. Is it because converting between mill and lathe operations takes time?

D n L said...

you pretty much said it.
in this case it was easier to go from the 3-jaw to the 4 instead of having to install the milling vise and square it up, and bc its low precision part aligning it in 4-jaw would suffice for accuracy.
plus i can take heavier cuts using the boring bit i ground rather than the boring bars in the milling head.

alex wetmore said...

I hadn't thought of the cost of squaring up the vise every time you do the conversion from using it in lathe mode to using it in mill mode.

The lathe is also a lot more rigid than a mill with a boring head.