Wednesday, May 18, 2011

highway dirtbikes handguards

These handguards offer nice wind protection, but more importantly will protect your controls in the case of a crash.  Riding home with a broken clutch lever could be an issue!

Nicely integrated.  The stock handlebar top clamp is removed and replaced.

The handguards bolt to the new top-clamp.  Optional mirrors available also.  I opted for them so I could remove the stock antenna mirrors, which are prone to getting damaged riding offroad (ask me how I know). Integrated LED turn signals are also available, if you look on the right side of the shield you can see where it would go.  Maybe down the road I'll do that.

Mirrors fold away nicely for offroad riding.

For my particular motorcycle the handlebar endplugs need to be modified.  They need to be re-tapped from and M6 to an M8.   Its not necessary to perform this operation on a lathe, but hey, since I got one...might as well!  :-)

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HelluvaStella said...

My plastic handguards would do little in the way of controls protection, but I can attest to how valuable they are at wind protection here in chilly Wisconsin. Between them, heated grips and a heated vest I'm cozy all day long!

The mods on your bike are looking great Dan!