Sunday, April 3, 2011


took a trip to trophy bikes in the big city to deliver and install a rack.  
built from numbers, couldnt ask for a better fit.

mcget with cate!

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mcget said...

Was I ever that young?

Yes, yesterday in fact.
A typewriter arrived, cost just 99 cents, er, plus $20 shipping.

I yanked at the bubble wrap... should come out... a little more... I WANT IT NOWWW!

Off comes the handle, as plastic cracks the way 1970s plastic is wont to do. Wow, that Smith-Corona Courier CT made it all the way to 2011 and Mikey busted the handle off.

I look around guiltily, as toddlers are wont to do.

Dang! A grownup, TJ, saw the whole thing.

Tonight, back in these big adult clothes, I Super-Glued the handle bosses back on. I know cryoanalate glue sets in seconds, but Stevie Wonderishly, I will wait till tomorrow to shake it by the handle.

Oh, kiddo, the things you will get to break--it's gonna be great! Product Testing from Day One.