Friday, April 22, 2011

Hello, Delaware.

Tearing it up along the C&D Canal in DE.  50 miles from the house, about 50 miles of canal roads and trail action.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

broken spring, WTF!?!

Late last week I was doing some "routine" maintenance to our Ford Focus ZX3.  This car basically eats up its front stabilizer bar (sway bar) linkages.  They connect the sway bar to the McPherson struts.  If you get the replacements from CarQuest auto parts they have a lifetime warranty.  In a few years of owning this car we had to replace them 3 times, so the lifetime warranty saved a lot of money.  Pictured below is the nice and clean new linkages.

Something else didn't feel right lately while driving the car, so it was an opportunity to inspect everything else.  I quickly spotted a broken spring! The lower section encased in plastic is cleary not attached!

The first step to replacing the spring is to loosen the clamping bolt on the bottom of the struts.

I promptly split the socket.  It is a tight bolt!

Undo the bottom bolt, undo the 3 bolts on top of the shock, and remove the unit.  

Tightening the spring compressors to relieve all the tension of the spring from the shock absorbers.  You can rent spring compressors from Pep Boys for free.  THAT IS AWESOME!

Once removed it is clear why the spring broke.  Water trapped in the plastic bit rusted it.  Oh oxidation, whyyyy youuuuuu!!!!

Install shiny new springs, reverse of removal.

And then, after all that, Laura and I got a-talking. The Ford isn't big enough, it has got a lot of miles, it's gonna keep breaking...yada yada we bought a new car over the weekend.  Hello, wagon...

Sunday, April 3, 2011


took a trip to trophy bikes in the big city to deliver and install a rack.  
built from numbers, couldnt ask for a better fit.

mcget with cate!