Friday, March 25, 2011


This one is for a buddy over at Daruma Cycles, er fer his lady friend or sumthin like dat.

sweet racing stripes

lug detail

50 thousandth thick stainless spacer

so the bolt sits flush.


Gritter said...

Great blog. How can I get a hold of you, and do you do custom work? I am trying to figure out a porteur situation for my rigid / disc fork (no canti mounts) and the disc pretty much gets in the way of the fork's braze-ons - plus the only threaded braze-ons on my fork are BEHIND the fork's blades. It's a 1x1=11 Surly Anniversary Model (disc only) fork.

D n L said...

hi gritter, you can contact me via the "contact me" link in the sidebar.