Tuesday, February 1, 2011

picture time


capping the open tube

my camera is clearly picking up the IR light the heated metal emits. in person the tubing in the first picture is glowing white/yellow, the other picture a dark red. interesting, eh?

i filed down the weld bead around the cap for a clean(er) look. yes the welds are pretty ugly. i really want a smaller welding nozzle, it should help a lot with the very small workpieces.

coped and ready to be prepped then welded


Andre said...

It's been nice to follow the welding alternative to brazing for home brew racks.

Which tires are those on the cropss check?

Oh, and BTW, your camera is picking up Infrared light not UV light. Steel melts at ~2500F which is ~1600 K.

D n L said...

the tires are kenda small block 8.

you know at first i figured it was IR, from my days of high school photography class.. but bc the picture came out purplish(violetish?), i made me think it must be ultraviolet

D n L said...

posted edited, thanks for the correction andre!

Eric said...

racks turning out really nice. great work.