Tuesday, January 25, 2011

rack fixture

finally took some pictures of the "completed" project. i say "completed" bc i will inevitably make changes and modifications as i see fit. but for now it does what i intended it to!

all the materials i used i had laying around. i will probably replace the square steel tubing with square aluminum stock at some point.... or not i dunno.

i can move the base in half inch increments, if i need it somewhere in the middle i can move the backstop. the line scribed on top of the base is the centerline of the dummy axle to make for easy setup. the whole concept of this rack was based around the dimensions from this post:

just a quick tack weld on the legs then the fixtures job is done.

set at 14.5", but if i nibble off a little too much mitering the legs i can slide it down, or if i need a rack height somewhere in the middle.


HelluvaStella said...

Looks great Dan! It's good to see you're productive in the new location.

Ted said...


D n L said...

thanks guys.
luke, productive is not the word i would choose!!! :-)

Alex Wetmore said...

Looks good.

I'm curious if you have a method for taking fork and wheel dimensions and translating them to jig setup.

D n L said...

sure do, i based it around the dimensions from this post:

i have the link in my blog post, but cannot seem to get the link to highlight, unless you pass the mouse cursor over it.

D n L said...

just edited the post to make the link more apparent.... the lower mounting point offset and height sets the position of the fixture. measuring from the fixture backstop to the center of the support block sets the offset, vertical height is obvious.