Monday, December 27, 2010

out making tracks

IMG_6171, originally uploaded by rackntroll.

first time this season out on the the cross country skis! about 5 or 6 inches of nice light powdery snow, very good conditions, nice and fast.
might head over to french creek state park soon to cover some distance.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

One thing leads to another...

Our family car, an '03 Ford Focus, started making a funny noise from the right rear wheel, only when making left turns. I suspected that it was the wheel bearing, especially since the car has nearly 140,000 miles on it.

I jacked it up, there was indeed a fair amount of play in the wheel. That is the telltale sign of a wolfed bearing. Removed the drum to access the bearing, looks like it is also time to replace the brake shoes. Since I am doing the shoes, I might as well replace the drums also, right? Very convenient timing, especially since the drums come with the wheel bearing already pressed into it. A bearing alone is $45, the drum WITH the bearing is only $ not sure how that works, but I'll take the drum AND bearing please, and save me the headache of getting the bearing out and in of the drum.

I took care of the right side, then I get to the left side. Boy o Boy, that drum is being very stubborn. Hours later of massaging, prying, and banging the drum it finally comes of. The culprit? A completely seized up emergency brake cable, so the shoe was dragging all the time basically, creating a lot of wear on the drum, which put a large ridge into it, making the removal of the drum very difficult, and especially because the shoes was being held tightly against the drum by the bound up cable.
Here is the seized, rusted, and just about broken e-brake cable (I yanked it out of the housing to exposed the badly corroded inner cable):

Here is the new cable assembly, cannot get just one, so they both got replaced.

Bleep Blop Bloop fast forward past waiting 2 days for the brake cable, and its all taken care of. Yippee!

Here is a complementary shot of the wear indicators on my totally sick ALLLLLLL season tires. Conti EXTREEEEMMMMMEEEE Contact DWS. The ridges in the siping grip the snow. After last years ridiculous snowfall I can confidently say that yes, they work. Much much better than any of the previous tires I've had.

When the "S" is gone, they are no longer optimal for snow.
When the "W" is gone, no longer optimal in the wet.
When the "D" is gone, well you know what that means!

We will return to our normally scheduled programming shortly.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

getting settled

check out the new digs.