Friday, October 22, 2010

3 water crossings- deal with it

Found this license plate on the road in front of the creek, very appropriate.

Haven't done a water crossing on a motorized cycle in over 15 years, back when I was a young'n riding dirt bikes. This was the 3rd one and the deepest. I have also crossed this one on my bicycle, click here for the video.


HelluvaStella said...

That's it, I'm getting Conti TKC 80s and we're going adventuring. Awesome pictures Dan.

D n L said...

it could have been a much cooler photo if i thought to get a picture of actually riding through!

at first i was dead set on the TKC80s, it is a super awesome gnarly tread. but in all honesty an 80/20 (80% off/20% on road) tread seems pretty impractical. now i have more of a 50/50 tire in mind, the mefo explorers.