Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Frame Repair...

...of a different kind.

So a friend of a friend had this off road go cart dune buggy type thing that had been stored and not running for a while. My buddy and I got it running for him. It was a lot of fun-- while it lasted. It had been crashed previously, and I may or may not have tagged a tree pretty hard with it. It finally decided enough was enough, thankfully the owner was driving it at the time, phwew.

The brackets that hold the lower control arm completely separated from the frame, wrecking the shock absorber along the way. The top and bottom control arms were already bent from previous altercations with trees.

The rear bracket took a nice chunk of tube along with it. the front broke off cleanly leaving some chunky weld to grind off behind.

I cleaned up the original rear bracket of chunky weld and tacked it to a big ol patch. Then I brazed the patch over the hole then filleted the bracket. I made a new front bracket bc the original was mangled nicely. Doing these fillets was pretty tough, I couldn't move around and position the frame to get a nice uniform fillet like when I do a rack or bike frame. I was fighting gravity the whole time. After tinning I had to sorta let a blob of brass run down the bracket a little then build up the brass on top that. Definitely not pretty. It was also difficult positioning my body to access all sides. I was stuck in some awkward positions.

A large portion of floor pan had to be cut and bent out of the way to braze the bracket on. The floor pan was bent back and I gas welded it back together. I have very little experience gas welding, but I am extremely happy with the out come. So much that I now want to gas weld my next bike frame, also maybe try gas welding a couple of racks.

Here's the cart- all ready to go, go, go.

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