Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bromke Rack

Brompton + Domke = Bromke

the first step in making a folding rack for a folding bike, designed to hold a domke F-6 camera bag.

Laura and Cate modeling the Domke F-6

luggage block that fits on the existing fittings found on the brompton headtube.

basically finished, still need to put some holes in it for the upcoming rack to mount to.


Anonymous said...

Dan-- hey there...
if the holes were oval vertically, the inner cutout top edge of the block could rest on the tab that sticks out of the head tube, thus taking shear off the bolts?

Then tighten the bolts down...

in the worry department.. what effect of the block on head tube paintwork? Could it be more radiussed?

what thinkst thou?


D n L said...

a little late for all that, eh?