Monday, May 3, 2010


project within project. to complete the construction of my unicrown fork i needed to make an arbor for a hole saw.
i really cannot see handmitering a straight blade unicrown fork accurately to be possible, so i decided to machine miter the fork blades.
this is the first step towards my next fork. yippee!

this is the arbor i made on the lathe.

this is the arbor inserted into an end mill holder. the end mill holder is fixed in the milling head.

here it is with the hole saw threaded on. look out, fork blades!


aaron said...

I saw your post on just this topic on Frame Forums the other day. You have thoughtfully skirted the problem by becoming an excellent machinist. kudos.

D n L said...

haha thanks, but excellent is much too strong a word.

stay tuned for one more monumental sub-project...