Tuesday, April 13, 2010

this is boring

HA! thats a machinists' joke.

hey- im not really a machinist, i just play one on the internet.

on with the pictures!

this is a tiny little boring bit i ground for small holes to be bored to a shoulder no deeper than a quarter inch or so.

going in for the kill.

these little widgets came out very nice. a nice fit for an M5 bolt.

it found its way onto a 5/16 x .035" 4130 tube.

which in turn became a canti-mount carradice support for the XO-2.


alex wetmore said...

Boring is handy, but I make those using an endmill. Single ended endmills fit nicely into the lathe's tailstock drill chuck and aren't too expensive (at least for the few sizes that you'd want for M5 and M6 socket cap counterbore).

I like the rack.

D n L said...

i considered taking the endmill approach, i even did a couple test cuts using an endmill in the tailstock. i also have a boring head for the mill that i can insert into the tailstock for the same end result.

i ultimately chose to grind a bit and bore it for the challenge, you know, the learning thing!

Ace said...

Nice job on the "Widgets". I like the rack also, especially the mounts for the Canti-Posts.
Can you recommend a supplier for the tubing that you use for the racks?

D n L said...

on my sidebar under the supplies/tools section there is a link for 4130 plain gauge tubing.


Smudgemo said...

I love making stuff. Nice work.

D n L said...

thanks, it is very rewarding!

alex wetmore said...

I'm surprised that you don't get tubing from Dillsburg. Shipping would probably be overnight and their prices are less than half of Aircraft Spruce prices on rack sized tubing.

D n L said...

havent bought rack tubing in a while...

with dillsburg i was under the impression that he wasnt really interested in piddly little orders like mine, although the gentlemen i bought my lathe from recommended dillsburg, and gave me a price list.

aircraft spruces online ordering is just so dang easy!

Kent said...

Nice. I so want to buy a rack from you. I'm still hemming and hawing about which bike I want it for....decisions, decisions.