Wednesday, March 24, 2010

making sundry items on the lathe

jesse and the girls came to visit, i added some water bottle mounts to the rack i made for his kona ute.

i set aside 4 bottle braze-ons for his rack, some how i lost one. so i made one for him on the lathe. pretty convenient if you ask me!

heres a pic jesse snapped while brazing the bottle mounts, i am looking a bit like a mad scientist in this one. i know i know, it is time for my spring hair cut and beard trim.

i needed more bottle braze-ons for my current frame project, so rather than order a bag of 10 for $3 and wait for them to get shipped to me, i opted to make 2 more just to hold me over. i need a couple other supplies so ill be putting in an order with henry james soon.

i started out with a length of mild steel rod, drilled out the center, then hand tapped it for an m5 bolt using the lathe as a guide.

once tapped i turned down the OD to a shoulder. the small diameter is 1/4".

then i parted it off, and made another. they look just like bottle mounts!
im gonna try not to run out of these any more!


alex wetmore said...

The lathe is handy! I've done that too. Last time I placed an order I bought 50 water bottle bosses so that it wouldn't happen again. I sure seem to use a lot of them.

D n L said...

yes, that is what i think i need to do!