Monday, March 8, 2010

Frame No. 2 - 6

well, i got the seat stays in, so the frame is basically done except for the braze-ons and the fork.

before the seat stays went in, the chainstays were nicely aligned.

at some point during the installation of the seat stays something went wrong... horribly horribly wrong.

one dropout moved "up" causing the rear wheel to sit verrrryyy crooked. TIME FOR SOME MUSCLE.

well i bent the f*ck out the the rear triangle. some tubes buckled (sounds worse than it is), theres a few dents (from the vise jaws) and the stays are a little asymmetric, but in the end i won, the wheel sits straight and proper.

i certainly learned a lot from this mishap, im glad it went the way it did. if everything went in fine and dandy i would have never had this lesson in alignment.


alex wetmore said...

Nice job. I'm impressed with the seatstay to seat cluster attachment. That miter has always seemed tricky to me.

D n L said...

indeed, it is a very tricky miter, i struggled with it.
lots and lots of file, check fit, file, check fit, file, check fit...uh oh this tube is getting a little too short!!!!

i toyed with the idea of a side tack out of ease, but wasnt sure if it would hold up on a MTB.

aaron said...

I'm glad that I'm not the only one that makes mistakes on bikes. Are those just plain butt joints on the dropouts? I was thinking about making some dropout assemblies for track bikes like that, but wasn't sure that it would hold up.

D n L said...


here is a picture of the dropout by itself:

there is a small plug on the hood, my guess is that is it mostly to locate the position of the chainstay.
i flowed A LOT of brass into the assembly.

mistake? uh uh. there is no wrong turn when you are finding your own way!

aaron said...

sorry, learning experiences, not mistakes. I make a lot of learning experiences.