Sunday, March 14, 2010

car trouble

i dunno if you've ever had a car crap out on you, but this was a first for me. it was quite an experience.

we were out late, and ran the tank pretty dry. on the way to get gasoline the car started sputtering and hesitating. im not talking little hesitations, more like bucking and lurching at low RPMs. at first if i kept it over 2000 RPMs it was okay, but it got progressively worse.

after we got gas on the way home it stalled out, and wouldnt restart. you shoulda seen me pushing the car across a parking lot in an attempt to push-start it (one of 3 reasons ill only ever own manual transmissions), then chasing after the car and hopping in on the move like in the movies. good times.

well the hesitations got worse, having to run it in higher and RPMs, and fighting it stalling out at speed and at stops. each time it stalled i downshifted to get the motor running again. luckily it was really late at night so i pretty much disregarded stop signs and 1 red traffic light to keep it rolling. it finally cut out altogether and would restart, 100 yards from our parking spot. i pushed it into place.

time to figure it out.... bc i ran the tank dry i figured i sucked up some nasty sediment from the bottom of the tank and clogged the fuel filter. so i changed that today, still wouldnt start.

heres the fuel filter and some nasty brown gas that came out. i thought for sure she would fire right up after this.

well after it didnt work i consulted my haynes repair manual, which is an absolute must for a DIY kinda guy. the trouble shooting section led my to check out the ignition coil. the primary coil should measure 10.5k - 16.5k ohms, and the secondary coil should measure .4 -.6 ohms.

time bust out the simpson 260, at one time the mainstay of the electronics industy.

this is the culprit, sure enough both coils measure out of spec.
tomorrow ill get a replacement, and see if that solves the problem.

so much for working on my fork today!!!

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