Tuesday, February 9, 2010

night XC skiing!

Garmin Connect - XC skiing at night

ahh yes, the trail is starting to get fast, in some sections. other sections have melted leaving exposed grass to slide over.
previously i was under the impression that there is no safe way to go downhill on these things, but i think im starting to get the hang of it.. bend your knees, ankles, keep your hands below you belly button, focus on what each ski is doing and try to make small corrections in ski direction. still not easy, but at least im not duffing it on every downhill now.

i was joined by justin for the 2.16 mi loop, lighting the way was my princeton tec eos which was more than sufficient on medium, justin had some fancier lookin one with a little external battery pack, very cool.


reverend dick said...

I will suggest, for your enjoyment: ski under the full moon! You will blow your mind.

D n L said...

just missed the full moon, we had one last week.

Justin said...

Yeah, that was a good time. Lets do it again next week!

D n L said...

sure thing, ill start snow-shoeing a trail tomorrow after the snow, maybe get a little more complex with the trail system too... and less barbed wire fence hopping!