Monday, February 22, 2010

its miller time

in order to complete my 29r mtb frame i decided to re build my original chainstay fixture. before i jump into the deep-end milling the necessary components to the fixture i decided to make a practice piece.

started out with a hunk of 6061 cut on the 4x6 horizontal bandsaw.
squared it up on the mill. pretty rough finish... should have used a larger diameter end mill running at a higher spindle speed.

bored out a 1-1/8" hole using a boring head on the mill. next i would like to try to bore a hole this size chucked up in the 4-jaw on the lathe.

i drilled the pair of holes before i cut it in 2. i cut it using a hack saw, i dont have a large enough diameter slitting saw right now. after i cut it with the hacksaw i cleaned up the faces on the mill. take note of the much nicer finish bc of the larger diam endmill and higher RPM.

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