Thursday, February 4, 2010

Frame No. 2 - 4

next batch of photos, completing the front triangle

head tube prepped, fluxed, ready to tack. using my piece of super fantastic framebuilding re-bar.
tacked, top and bottom.
BB shell, DT and ST prepped. dummy-ing it up to make sure everything still fits.
top tack
bottom tack
checking head tube alignment. i had to move it around some. even with just a couple tacks it takes a lot to get it to move a little.
down tube tacked into place, roughly aligned, top tube and seat tube sleeve prepped. next, disassemble, flux, reassemble, tack, check alignment....
after tacking the TT into place and brazing the ST sleeve, another alignment check, then i could start building fillets. youch, they are still hot!
other side
BB shell
here are the fillets with the flux soaked off

after some finishing work, not trying to go too crazy with finishing the fillets.

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