Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Frame No. 2 - 3

i started out this next set of steps by making a new tubing block. i havent had the need for a 31.8mm block until now. the only problem was i didnt have a 1-1/4" hole saw. had to use the 1-1/8" hole saw and enlarge the hole with my half round file. got to use my favorite handsaw. its my favorite bc i found it while riding my bike to work about 2 years ago.
ready to do some filing.
down tube to head tube
other end of the down tube.
nice fit on the bottom bracket shell and seat tube.
starting the top tube copes.
roughing out some material with the hack saw. new blades are the best, i had the old blade on for a very long time.
done, both sides.
more wood work. this time needed a big-V to hold the head tube in the vise.
hand facing the head tube, using my fancy new v-block
head tube is ready
drilled the down tube for water bottle bosses.
up next some prep and then tacking the front triangle. oh boy!

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