Monday, February 1, 2010

Frame No. 2 - 2

prepped for tacking

tacked on both sides, checking alignment. gave it a little nudge.
tinned all the way around, soaked off the flux, re-checking alignment. looks good.
cleaned up the BB/ST, brazed the water bottle bosses.


alex wetmore said...

Are you mitering with the mill, or by hand? How are you liking the first bike?

D n L said...

doing it by hand.
the lathe/mill i bought does have a whole tube-mitering setup for it, a really clever design too. i wanna do my first few frames by hand though.

D n L said...

the first bike is nice, i like the handling of it, a lot. i plan to build a second fork for it, one with different offset to get a feel for how the handling changes.