Thursday, February 4, 2010

decisions decisions

IMG_4523, originally uploaded by rackntroll.

which dropouts to use?!
i cannot tell you the last time i rode a geared mountain bike.
my plans for this bike is to build it up initially with a 2x7 drivetrain for a fun change.
the vertical dropouts will be easier for me to build with, but the thought of not having the ability to run it as a SS scares me.
if i choose to use them, the surly dropout will complicate the process considerably.


Anonymous said...

you can always use an old school chain tensioner or new school white ind. eric hub.

Fxdwhl said...

surly. then you can do a complete parts swap off the kona. maybe tougher to build now, but easier to convert down the road. your progress is looking good too!

Miles said...

In my experience the surly hooded style dropouts are WAY easier to build with than tab style dropouts. What aspect of the build do you think would be more complicated?

D n L said...

bc i dont use a jig, i braze the dropouts into the chainstay prior joining the stays to the BB.

the tabbed style makes that easy to do for obvious reasons. brazing the hooded style to the stay seems a bit more precarious.

the only reason it will complicate it for me is bc i havent used the hooded dropouts, so ill have to muddle through that. on the other hand i am confident in brazing tabs.

Miles said...

Ah, no jig that would make it difficult indeed. Actually building a fillit brazed rear triange with no jig is pretty much a huge pita regardless. Lugged is much easier with no jig. How were you gonna fixture it?

D n L said...

this is how i did my the rear triangle on my other frame: