Sunday, February 7, 2010

breaking trail

since my bro-han is living in san diego, he doesnt really have any use for his XC skiis. luckily we wear the same shoe size, boy is that convenient.

XC skiing is really fun. it allowed me to explore sections of the property that are nearly unwalkable any other time of year bc it is so brushy.
this is my neighbors house in the distance. there are 4 houses on the property, all stone, all built under british rule!
coming around the backside of rack n roll HQ.
PS one of the stone farm houses on the property is available for rent, it is a super cool spot. along with the renting the house you get access to 400+ acres to noodle around on, like i did all yesterday!


Fxdwhl said...

so how much did you get?

D n L said...

its tough to tell for sure bc it drifted so much, but my guess is 12-16".