Wednesday, January 6, 2010

new rubber

i have used many continental bicycle tires over the years, and been happy with them (for the most part).

so, i decided to try some contis for my automobile!

this may possibly be the ONLY true ALL-season tire, with attributes specifically tailored to driving in the snow.

besides working well in the snow (which we've had a couple opportunities to test them) , they do everything else much better than the last tires we had. much quieter, better handling characteristics, and better ride quality.

so, if you live in an area where the snow plow may or may not show up, the continental extreme contact DWS may be for you!

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alex wetmore said...

We just bought new tires for both of our cars, and I was wondering why I hadn't come across these. It looks like they don't make them in sizes suitable for either a Subaru Outback Sport or a Subaru Forester. Odd, since it sounds like the perfect Subaru tire.

We went with another brand known in bicycles, Bridgestone. Bridgestone G019 tires on both cars, they seem to work nicely in snow and rain.