Monday, November 9, 2009

a great weekend

finished the ute rack friday night, just in time for jesse and the gang to pick it up for next mornings tweed ride in philadelphia.

saturday morning drove up to reading where i enlisted my friend chris to help me move my bountiful purchase from a lancaster area framebuilder.

atlas metal bandsaw
a whole bunch of metal stock
emco v10p lathe/mill, workbench and lots of accessories, and all the original instruction and parts manuals.
vertical milling attachment
the gentleman i bought the whole setup from also threw in an unused tandem frameset.

the next step (hopefully tomorrow) is too re-arrange my whole work space, and to frame off the space beneath the loft in the barn to make a legitimate room that i can climate control. oh boy!


reverend dick said...

You are stoked!

the buKit said...

Wow! Score!

Fxdwhl said...

glad I could help. good to hear progress. now don't slack off! cold is a com'n.

alex wetmore said...

Wow, nice score. Those Emco lathes are super nice, a noticable step up from my South Bend. The milling attachment will probably come in handy too.

D n L said...

yep im really excited!

the re-arrangement and new construction of my workspace has started. cant wait to start making some chips!

aaron said...

I'm jealous. Really jealous. How much did that all set you back? Pretty penny? Or a song?

Tom said...

You are living the dream, sir.