Friday, September 11, 2009

this weeks interesting pictures from the shop

hub failure
Suntour XC Power controls. This Ross Mt Hood was nearly all original with the exception of the rear derailleur.
interesting suntour chain, take note of the alternating asymmetric inner plates.
U-brake mount roller-cam brake. this brake has lots of power and great modulation.

who is this cunningham character anyways?


reverend dick said...

Charlie Cunningham of the Marin CA Cunninghams. "Invented" the greaseguard hubs/headset/pedals, crafted extraordinarily beautiful/aheadoftheirtime aluminum MTB frames in the early 80's, figured large in the early WTB years, married to Jacquie Phelan (so you know he's patient), etc.

Those brakes are very nice. That hub is amazingly broken.

D n L said...

hey wow thanks for that info!!!

thems brakes really do feel great. awesome modulation and v-brake power.

Bradley Wilson said...

It's too bad that brake style never really caught on. It's a smart design-- Cunningham had some brilliant and radical ideas.