Tuesday, August 25, 2009

return of the cross-check

in all its versatile glory!

fixed/free double gearing
42/40 chainrings
16/17 freewheel
17/19 fixed cog

57 gear inches fixed
64 gear inches free
67 gear inches fixed
71 gear inches free

pretty good range if you ask me!


Fxdwhl said...

what happened to the red fork? looks good, glad the purple & black tape is gone!

D n L said...

put on the black fork bc the steerer tube length was perfect

come on now that purple/black bar tape is ancient history!! but just for that comment im putting some newer super gawdy tape on.

mercutio_sencil said...

I've always wondered if you could run just that combination of parts, and make yourself a 4 speed single speed. Thanks for answering my questions, and making me jealous.

D n L said...

no problemo!