Tuesday, August 25, 2009

return of the cross-check

in all its versatile glory!

fixed/free double gearing
42/40 chainrings
16/17 freewheel
17/19 fixed cog

57 gear inches fixed
64 gear inches free
67 gear inches fixed
71 gear inches free

pretty good range if you ask me!

Monday, August 24, 2009

still collecting goodies

got in a few things from bikelugs.com, pacenti cycle designs. MTB fork crowns, track ends, road BBs and a road fork crown. now i have to hit up nova cycles and henry james for the rest of the stuff.

necessary parts for my 4 speed SS/fixed cross check. paired with 40/42 chainrings i get a pretty good spread of gearing. originally i planned on 39/42 but the dropouts were a tad short to get them all to work. 3 of the gears sat in the dropouts perfectly, but the 39:17 freewheel pulled to the very back of the dropout. hopefully one tooth on the chainring will make the difference, i havent tried it yet though.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

pre-race tune-ups

ahhh the beauty of singlespeed mountain bikes.
tune up = air in tires, lube on chain. done.

the latest

starting to collect the necessary parts for my next frame project. i think it is really cool of surly to make available their framebuilding components to anyone. thanks guys.
ive started playing the component swapping game.... things are being re-allocated from one frame to another, and this is a piece of the puzzle.
i brazed this last week, but never soaked off the flux. the humidity did that for me, all i did was wire brush it a little.
for this rack i am internally routing some wires, so the order of construction is quite peculiar. for some racks i can braze most of the platform all in one shot, but for this one i have to do a bunch of sub-assemblies.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Garmin Connect

Stinks! i liked motionbased much better.

one aspect of motionbased i really preferred was their ability to use survey points to correct the altitude of the garmin unit which can be pretty inaccurate. maybe garmin connect has that feature also and i just havent figured it out?

went for a nice ride on saturday for laura's birthday.... the garmin uses a barometric altimeter, and during our ride a weather system moved in- so our starting and finishing altitude is more than 300ft off, come onnnnnn!

so maybe i just havent figured out the nuances of garmin connect yet, or maybe it just stinks compared to motionbased.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

this week....

...i met some people with magnetic personalities
this is a small pass-through for internally routed headlight wiring on a rack for my bike.
simple ways to jig things up
fork failure! the only thing holding this together was the caliper brake bolt! there is almost no penetration of the brass beneath the crown race.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

post card

this rack found a happy home on a cool looking bike.