Tuesday, July 14, 2009

first ride(s) report

got out on the new bike a bit. took 2 10 mile rides yesterday, and a 25mile ride today. todays ride i hit some big dirt road uphills and dirt road downhills for the real handling tests. i am pumped! this thing handles so well, exactly what i wanted out of it, and it fits oh so perfectly.

my comparisons come from having ridden a surly crosscheck for the past 7 years, maybe 8. this bike handles high speed descents and carves turns very well. on the CC taking turns downhill it always felt like i had to fight the bike to lean over and seemed like it tended to under-turn, not at all with the new ride. it just seems to "know" the turns. when going in a straight line it tracks perfectly, rides wonderfully with no hands, but is still ready to make a quick turn at a moments notice yet isnt twitchy. when climbing out of the saddle at lower speeds it really locks in and doesnt wander, just goes in a straight line or wherever it is being pointed.

ride-quality-wise it feels nearly identical to the CC. doesnt seem any stiffer or softer, and doesnt seem to absorb any more or less road shocks/vibrations than the CC. the fork seems to move a little bit more when applying downward pressure, but i havent noticed any differences while riding. im using the same wheels and tires from the CC so that sorta levels the playing field removing additional variables.


Eric said...

How do you think the paul brakes perform. Compared to a canti you think they have the same power.

D n L said...

on my last bike i was using pauls neo-retros, i had them set up for lots of rim-pad clearance (to eliminate build up riding in the snow) which reduces the mechanical advantage of the brakes.

the pauls racers as they are set up still have pretty good pad clearance but not quite as extreme as my last setup. they seem to offer a lot more stopping power. im not sure if it is the setup, or the brake though.