Tuesday, June 16, 2009

something interesting

surly forks are generational, maybe?...is that even a word?

i have discovered that the hole in the fork crown is located higher on cross-checks of the blood red era, maybe, mine is. if i remember correctly the next iteration of the cross-check was forest green, a dark metal flake green (my wife has that color). the crown hole on that year and after is lower, by a good bit. see for yourself! so from now on i will try to build racks with that knowledge in mind so they fit all crosscheck forks, not just pre or post "the blood red years." i am lucky this has not bit me in the butt thus far!!!!

forest green- fits like a glove (a good fitting glove)
blood red- egads!!!

upon a question from mr. fxdwhl i went crazy with measurements. now i have so many measurements that are the same and so many that a different i have no fucking clue what is going on. all i can say for sure is that MY red fork is different. are all red forks different? i dunno, but i would sure as shit like to find out!
regardless i should probably compensate for this difference in all future CC racks just in case some forks are different.


Fxdwhl said...

same crown but different drilling?

D n L said...

im not sure.
ive taken a lot of different measurements. to me it seems like the crown is a little different.

the axle to crown of both forks are the same.
the distance from the crown hole to the race seat is longer on the red fork.
the distance from the hole to the base of the crown is the same on both forks.
dropouts/eyelets are the same, neither fork has the dropouts slotted deeper.

the weird part is that if the a-c is the same, but the distance from the hole to the race is longer on the red one, logically that would put the hole below the other fork. that is not the case.

i dunno, i cant figure it out. the conficting measurements make me think the crown is a tiny bit difference.

or maybe this crown/fork is just a fluke? id like to inspect other CC forks from differing time periods.

D n L said...

more weird measurements taken

the red fork has more clearance between the crown and the tire

anyone out there have a red fork or earlier? i think the only earlier colors are the bean green and the navy blue. wanna take some measurements for me?

Jim G said...

Looks to me like the shoulders of the red crown are steeper than the shoulders on the other crown. A-C should be about 400mm for both forks, according to Surly's specs...?

D n L said...

axle to crown for both forks is the same.
checked out the slope of the crowns, they also appear to be the same.

im not gonna sweat it, i know someone with the bean green crosscheck, next time i see him ill check it out. till then ill slot the hole on the rack for the crown!