Tuesday, June 9, 2009

one thing after another... AHHHHHH &%#&@

had to get a new hose bc a rodent ate the last one, now my acetylene regulator has officially crapped out. i have been trying to get one last rack done to have a good amount to bring to the powdercoater.
there are 2 gauges on the regulator. the low pressure is on the left, high pressure on the right. the high pressure shows the contents of the tank, the low pressure is the working pressure. the working pressure is adjusted by the pressure adj screw in the foreground of the photo. the problem is that after the working pressure is set and then with the torch valve closed, the LP gauge starts creeping up slowly but fast enough that it is bad. acetylene is unstable at pressures over 15psi, which means it can go boom....in a very very bad way, yes it is very explosive. i dont want to find out if working pressure will creep up 15psi or more.

so now i have to decide- new regulators or get these rebuilt. (if im getting one repaired i might as well get the other checked out).

i really wanted to get that rack done today, it is a cool one. nearly all the remaining tubes are bits are properly coped and ready to be brazed so its not even like i have that to do! maybe ill ride my bike.


D n L said...

YES! Go ride your bike! -love, your wife

Fxdwhl said...

i thought he retired? :)