Thursday, June 11, 2009

new regulators

went ahead and ordered a new pair of regulators, smith 30 series. at first i was going to get another pair from victor, but they are no longer made in the US. dont get me wrong, im not assuming everything made outside the US is junk, but something just feels right about having US made regulators.

upon doing my research i came across some interesting info id like to pass along.
with the advent of arc-welding, victor seems to think gas welding apparatus no longer needs improving. they are using regulator and torch designs from who knows how when, they dont even employ any burner engineers. smith (and harris) on the other hand do employ burner engineers and will redesign things if they feel it is necessary. that is nice to know, so i went with smith.

i got them from, they have amazing prices. having worked in bike shops for many years my first instinct was to support my local weld supply, but much like bicycle internet customers i could not refuse the amazing savings from the internet vendor. it is nice to know that cyberweld isnt just some unmarked warehouse somewhere, they do have a storefront and are a "brick-and-mortar" welding supply, so in a sense i did support a LWS, hehe. i also discovered that my oxygen tank was purchased by my grandfather at the welding supply that runs cyberweld almost 30 years ago. im a 3rd generation repeat customer!

hopefully i get my new goodies soon.

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