Wednesday, June 10, 2009


heres some pictures of my bike. still need to build the fork, i was planning on doing that while this batch of racks is at the powdercoater.

my headbadge. half stainless, half brass, silbrazed on. pennsylvania's logo is just too cool to not use it.


sjauch said...

Very Cool! Congrats on your first frame.

alex wetmore said...

love the keystone! (but I'm also a PA native)

Been wondering about the frame progress, glad to see some more pics.

D n L said...

yep since the last blog post the only thing i have done to it was install the seatstay bridge.

i should have 4 (maybe 5) racks to bring to the powdercoater once i get my regulators running again and finish up a few things. after that i will build the fork. once the fork is done ill do all the braze-ons too.

then ill start the next bike, a 29r.

Joshua said...

Looks like the old Ludwig drums badge.