Saturday, June 27, 2009

1 of 5

i have 5 racks at the powdercoater currently.
here are some pictures of one of them.
it has a removable fence so it can go between a std porteur to a basket.

now i have an opportunity to build my fork to complete my frameset.

Monday, June 22, 2009


the rest is soon to come

Thursday, June 18, 2009

a little muscle goes a long way

managed to squeeze this rack onto the oddball red fork. took the bike outside between rain showers to get a couple pictures.


supposedly my new regulators should be delivered today!!! woohoo!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

something interesting

surly forks are generational, maybe? that even a word?

i have discovered that the hole in the fork crown is located higher on cross-checks of the blood red era, maybe, mine is. if i remember correctly the next iteration of the cross-check was forest green, a dark metal flake green (my wife has that color). the crown hole on that year and after is lower, by a good bit. see for yourself! so from now on i will try to build racks with that knowledge in mind so they fit all crosscheck forks, not just pre or post "the blood red years." i am lucky this has not bit me in the butt thus far!!!!

forest green- fits like a glove (a good fitting glove)
blood red- egads!!!

upon a question from mr. fxdwhl i went crazy with measurements. now i have so many measurements that are the same and so many that a different i have no fucking clue what is going on. all i can say for sure is that MY red fork is different. are all red forks different? i dunno, but i would sure as shit like to find out!
regardless i should probably compensate for this difference in all future CC racks just in case some forks are different.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

lucky me; as in- i got lucky

i caught this cracking on my carbon MTB handlebars BEFORE it ended up as a healthy dose of dental work. in my mind this is absolutely without a doubt a catastrophic failure in the making. i noticed it while riding to the trails. i still rode anyways, but i took it easy on the downhills. obviously that was my last ride using these bars! i sent an email to the manufacturer, hopefully they make good, ill take some aluminum replacements though!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Thursday, June 11, 2009

oh goody

i just found out that one of the regulators is backordered. now i have to wait a week, ugh.

i guess i will have enough time to prep a 5th rack for brazing.

new regulators

went ahead and ordered a new pair of regulators, smith 30 series. at first i was going to get another pair from victor, but they are no longer made in the US. dont get me wrong, im not assuming everything made outside the US is junk, but something just feels right about having US made regulators.

upon doing my research i came across some interesting info id like to pass along.
with the advent of arc-welding, victor seems to think gas welding apparatus no longer needs improving. they are using regulator and torch designs from who knows how when, they dont even employ any burner engineers. smith (and harris) on the other hand do employ burner engineers and will redesign things if they feel it is necessary. that is nice to know, so i went with smith.

i got them from, they have amazing prices. having worked in bike shops for many years my first instinct was to support my local weld supply, but much like bicycle internet customers i could not refuse the amazing savings from the internet vendor. it is nice to know that cyberweld isnt just some unmarked warehouse somewhere, they do have a storefront and are a "brick-and-mortar" welding supply, so in a sense i did support a LWS, hehe. i also discovered that my oxygen tank was purchased by my grandfather at the welding supply that runs cyberweld almost 30 years ago. im a 3rd generation repeat customer!

hopefully i get my new goodies soon.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


heres some pictures of my bike. still need to build the fork, i was planning on doing that while this batch of racks is at the powdercoater.

my headbadge. half stainless, half brass, silbrazed on. pennsylvania's logo is just too cool to not use it.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

one thing after another... AHHHHHH &%#&@

had to get a new hose bc a rodent ate the last one, now my acetylene regulator has officially crapped out. i have been trying to get one last rack done to have a good amount to bring to the powdercoater.
there are 2 gauges on the regulator. the low pressure is on the left, high pressure on the right. the high pressure shows the contents of the tank, the low pressure is the working pressure. the working pressure is adjusted by the pressure adj screw in the foreground of the photo. the problem is that after the working pressure is set and then with the torch valve closed, the LP gauge starts creeping up slowly but fast enough that it is bad. acetylene is unstable at pressures over 15psi, which means it can go a very very bad way, yes it is very explosive. i dont want to find out if working pressure will creep up 15psi or more.

so now i have to decide- new regulators or get these rebuilt. (if im getting one repaired i might as well get the other checked out).

i really wanted to get that rack done today, it is a cool one. nearly all the remaining tubes are bits are properly coped and ready to be brazed so its not even like i have that to do! maybe ill ride my bike.

Friday, June 5, 2009

dang critters!

either a squirrel or mouse gnawed a hole in my welding hose overnight. guess i need a new one, huh.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

pictures of progress

apparently sharpie marker ink can withstand temps in excess of 1500 deg F!
carve it up!
straight outta the soak-tank, a bit of finishing work is in order.
backside. no vent holes necessary! if you look close you can see the ring of filler.
fork crown mount basically done. need to finish some other stuff for the final fitting to the platform
until next time, friends!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

various photos of current projects

little bolt on bits and pieces
one more to make
gravity will hold this in place when time to braze
every so often i put my flux brush into my coffee mug
this will become a fork-crown mount for a surly crosscheck
some machinists might call this a honeymoon fit