Monday, May 4, 2009

weekend rain

rainy weekend. rain on fri, sat, and sun. boo.
friday afternoon we got out for a quick ride around the block. laura on the vintage folding bike, i rode my robin hood 3-spd. it began to pour halfway around the block. yes, laura took her beer for the ride.
then saturday it rained in the morning and evening. midday we managed to get out for a nice route laura planned. it was a BOB and Fred ride. laura on the go-fast light weight road bike, and i was on my truck-like cross check.


lots of dirt roads round here

final leg back to the homestead


Tom said...

That looks like a nice part of the world, rain or no rain. I love a dirt road!

D n L said...

it has its plus-es and minus-es

Fxdwhl said...

cute how to claim to have 'blocks'. poor laura doesn't even have a beer caddy on her handlebars. break out the thin gauge wire and fab!

Anonymous said...

Hey Dan -- man, that's why you live there...
looks American Idyll

other guy had great idea for beer holder
-- call it the Bock n Roll or the "Porter Rack"

Are yer front racks going into production shortly?


did you see the hand-built bike show is in Virginia (I think) in 2010?


other news

manayunk hill climb is officially cancelled...
unofficially, we may have 6 people block roads wearing vests, and carrying broken, trashpicked Motorola walkie talkies...

then have mass start at say, 6:25 pm on friday...

also, both shops are closed on sunday and monday...

maybe Peter and some of us should ride up?